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September 30, 2013
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Germany x reader
            You were shocked to find that there was actually one still left, and it wasn't one of the crappy ones either! You rushed over there before anyone else could claim it. You tapped on the shoulder of the blond person next to it to ask if the seat was taken, it seemed a bit too good to be true.
"Excuse me sir, is this seat taken?" You asked hopefully.
            He turned to face you, revealing that he was Germany, "Nein, no vone's sitting zhere," he replied in his thick german accent.
            You smiled, thankful that it wasn't taken. You organized your paperwork and other things as you waited for the meeting to start. You couldn't help but steal a glance at Germany every now and then. He was completely focussed on his own paperwork, so he didn't notice. You never told anyone, but you had a slight crush on the german country. A lot of people were intimidated by him, but you found him to be one of the nicest countries there. He always let you speak when you raised your hand, and glared daggers into anyone who interrupted you. You knew that he was just trying to keep things orderly, but you found it to be a very kind gesture on his part. 
            The meeting soon started, and you were a bit surprised that everyone quieted down on their own without the help of Germany. You were a bit glad, too. His yelling was loud enough from the other side of the room, you didn't want experience it from right next to him. 
            Today's first topic was global warming... again. No matter how many times you guys discussed this topic, nothing gets accomplished. People just kept bringing up the same ideas over and over again. You rolled your eyes as America immediately volunteered to go first, nearly falling out of his seat in the process. You stopped paying attention the second he said something about a giant superhero. You glanced around your surroundings to see that you weren't the only one not paying attention. Italy was doodling on one of his papers, France seemed to be plotting new ways to annoy England, Japan was making origami, even Germany seemed to have lost complete interest in the American's idea to stop global warming.
            You started to doodle characters from this new anime/manga you recently got into to pass the time. A few world meetings ago Germany's speech time-limit was extended to fifteen minutes per person by some of the bosses. They thought it was unfair to make it so short. You knew that America, being the spot-light loving person he is, would most certainly use every second of it. 
You were interrupted from your doodling by a piece of paper tapping against your arm. You picked it up so you could read what was written in the corner of it.
            'You're pretty bored, huh?' -Germany
            You were a bit shocked at first. Germany was passing notes?! "Maybe it's a trap!" you thought to yourself while staring at the paper. Suddenly, a smaller piece of paper slid into your field of vision. 
             'Nein, it's not a trap.'
            You grabbed the first sheet of paper he handed to you and wrote, 'Can you read minds?!' You slid it back to him.
            'I can't, but I'm pretty good at reading expressions.'
            'Oh. I was a bit surprised when you passed me that note, it seemed a bit out-of-character for you.'
            'Even I can only handle so much of America's plan to save the Earth.'
            'Yeah, I got sick of it after the third time. How many times has he presented this idea now? It's got to be at least eight by now.'
            'Nine, I'm required to keep track.'
            'I was close.'
            'What are you drawing?' He seemed to be focussed on your little doodle.
            'It's _____ from ________. It's this anime/manga I've been into lately.'
            'It looks good. Do you draw a lot?' 
            'Yeah, it has become a bit of a hobby of mine recently.'
            'I'm not that great at drawing, but Italy has been trying to teach me lately.'
            'That's cool, I never knew you were into art. What have you learned to draw so far?'
            'He just started teaching me a few days ago. So far, all he's been teaching me how to draw is pasta...' To prove his point, he drew a tiny plate of pasta next to the sentence.
            'If it makes you feel any better, that's a beautiful plate of pasta. I'm sure he'll move onto something else eventually so be patient. It may be annoying right now, but Italy is an amazing artist.'
            'Thanks, I guess you're right. By the way, how did you learn how to draw?'
            'Japan taught me. He's a great go-to person for anime-related art.'
            You and Germany continued to pass notes to each other throughout America's presentation, and were now a few minutes into England's presentation. He was once again proposing to use dark magic to put an end to global warming. He had stopped trying to win people over with this a while ago, but had recently decided to give it another go.
             You learned a lot about Germany while note passing, and vise-versa. Italy had even joined in on the conversation, and you guys were currently planning to get together later after the meeting was over.
             'There's this amazing Italian restaurant a few blocks down the street. They have pasta!' Italy seemed to be drooling a little bit as he wrote this.
             'Sorry Italy, but I just ate Italian food the other night.' You wrote back. Italy's head (and his curl) dropped in sorrow at your response.
             'Ja, I agree with ______. I have to eat Italian food whenever you're around, let's try something different. Do you have any suggestions _____?' Germany asked you.
             'What about a cafe? There's one within walking distance of here that I've been to a few times,' you offered.
             'Sounds good to me, what do you think Italy?'
             'Pasta!' You struggled to suppress a giggle at Italy's response.
             'I'll take that as a yes,' you stated.
             The three of you continued to pass notes, but were interrupted by a loud crashing sound and some yelling from outside the door.
             "Sir, you can't go in there right now! The countries of the world are having a world meeting!"
             "I know zhat! Have you forgotten zhat zhe awesome me is an awesome country?!" Everyone simultaneously groaned. You all knew that voice belonged to Prussia, a now non-existent country. He's been doing this for the past seven meetings. Some people just don't get the hint. Everyone snapped their attention to the door as it burst open, revealing said prussian.
             "Zhe awesome me has arrived! Time to start zhe meeting!" He announced loudly, completely confident in himself.
             "Dude, we started half an hour ago," America said, irritated that he wasn't the one getting all of the attention for once
             "Yeah, you're like, totally late. And that is SO not cool," Poland interjected.
             "Stop interrupting all our meetings Prussia, and 'ow did you get in 'ere anyway? Aren't ze guards supposed to stop you?" France was really only irritated with Prussia because he was just about to present. 
             "None of zhose guards could handle zhe awesomeness zhat is zhe awesome me," he stated matter-of-factly as he continued to walk right in. He stopped right next to the chair you were currently sitting in, "Vhy is zhere a nobody in my chair?" He asked while poking you.
             You were about to give him a piece of your mind when he shrugged. This made you think that he did the mature thing and decided to find somewhere else to sit, but when has Prussia ever been known for being mature? He picked-up your belongings handed them to you, and tossed you out of the chair, promptly taking your place in it.
              You weren't quite sure what to say. He just did the number one thing that really gets under your skin, he treated you like you were absolutely nothing. Sure, at one point in history, he was a pretty big deal, but now, he's not even on the map. Who the hell is he to call you a nobody?! You were plotting to knock him out with your briefcase when Germany got himself involved.
             "Prussia, you need to leave, now," Germany bluntly stated while glaring at him. "You're not a country anymore and don't belong here," Germany really seemed to be struggling to keep his cool. He had actually mentioned earlier how much his brother annoys the living hell out of him. 
             "Vhy do you care so much? It's not like me being here is going to hurt anyzhing," he glanced at you, "Don't tell me it's because of the nobody behind me?"
             "Vell, you vere being very rude to her. I'm going to request zhat you apologize to her on your vay out," it was becoming clear that Germany's patience was beginning to deteriorate.
             You were pleasantly surprised that Germany was defending you. No one ever did that kind of a thing for you. You smiled a little bit. Aside from Prussia, today was one of the best days you'd had in a while. Besides, who wouldn't be happy about their crush sticking-up for them?
             Prussia was less than pleased with his brother's request. His eyes locked with something on the table, and his frown immediately turned into a mischievous grin, "Oh I see, she's your girlfriend is she not?" He asked his now shocked brother.
             Your face couldn't have possibly gotten any redder than it was at that moment. Why did he have to say it so LOUDLY?! Now the entire room was watching this train-wreck with great interest, looking at back-and-forth between you and Germany. You couldn't blame them really, this had to be the most interesting thing that had happened in a long time.
             "Zhat is absolutely none of your business Prussia!" Germany grabbed him by the arm and began dragging him out of the room. He stopped in-front of you and glared at Prussia, "Now zhen, is zhere somezhing you vould like to say to ______?"
             Prussia smirked, "Good luck dating my brozher," he then whispered, "If it doesn't work out, call me." 
             Then all hell broke lose. Germany and Prussia started fighting. I don't mean simply arguing, I mean full on England vs. France fighting. Suddenly, everyone completely pushed the past drama out of their minds and watched Germany and Prussia. You used this distraction as a chance to slip out of the room.
             You walked down a few hallways and leaned against the wall. What just happened? You honestly weren't sure you would be figuring it out anytime soon. What did Germany mean by, "Zhat is absolutely none of your business!"? Did that mean that he thought of you as more than a friend, or was he just embarrassed?
             You continued to try and solve this problem in your head when you heard some footsteps headed your way. You peaked around the corner and were relieved to see that it was your good friend, Italy. 
            "Ve~ I was looking everywhere for you!" He said while leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath.
            "Yeah, sorry, I just wanted to get some fresh-air. It was getting pretty heated back there."
            "I think Germany was just getting jealous," he explained.
            "Jealous? About what?" You asked Italy, hoping it would be you.
            "I'm not sure Germany would want me to answer that," he seemed to be contemplating whether or not to tell you something.
            "We've been friends for years Italy! Please tell me, I promise I won't say anything to Germany!" You practically begged.
            "Okay, I guess I could tell you. He didn't like that Prussia was trying to flirt with you. He's been trying to ask you out on a date for a while, but he wasn't quite sure how to ask you. He's also been trying to get your attention at the last few meetings, but wasn't really sure what to say to you then either. A few days ago he asked me what your interests were. I told him that I knew you liked drawing, so he asked me to teach him how to draw. I think he was trying to impress you."
            "Really? He actually likes me?" You almost couldn't believe it.
            "Si. Now the real question is, do you like him?" He looked expectantly at you, eagerly awaiting your answer.
            "Well, I-I've kinda... hadacrushonhimforawhilenow," you mumbled, your words all kind of slewing together.
            Italy pulled you into a bone-crushing hug the second after you finished that sentence, "Ve~! This is so great, my two best friends are going to be dating!"
            After you escaped from his hug you heard someone advancing down the hallway. You were happy and a bit nervous to see it was Germany. His hair appeared a little messed-up, but there wasn't a scratch on him.
            "I vas vondering vhere you two vent," he said, slightly worried.
            "I was just trying to get some fresh air. Are you okay? You got into a pretty intense fight with Prussia." You inspected him for any cuts or bruises.
            "Ja, I'm fine. He barely touched me. Zhe downside is Zhat he'll probably make anozher appearance at zhe next meeting as vell. He really doesn't learn," after a few seconds he asked, "Do you two still feel like going to zhat cafe _____ mentioned? Zhe meeting vas rescheduled for tomorrow so ve can leave now if you vant to," he asked nervously.
            "Sounds good to me!" You answered cheerfully,
            "Me too!" Added Italy.
           On the way there Italy gave Germany a slight nudge and a nod, making Germany smile slightly while he stole a glance at you.
Here is Germany's part, sorry if he's a bit out of character. :)


I don't own Hetalia or any of its characters, but I do own this story.
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