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Romano x Insecure!Reader

  'Which one should I wear? Black is more slimming, but this one is more loose,' you glanced back and forth between the black long-sleeve shirt and the (f/c) sweatshirt. You looked down and poked at your belly that wasn't really there. Thanks to the snide comments of the girls from school, you had become increasingly more insecure about nearly everything about yourself. 
  You risked a glance at the clock, 'Crap! I'm running really late!' You threw on a tank top and decided on the (f/c) sweatshirt. After shoving your school supplies into your backpack, you ran out the door to meet with your friends. 
  You thought you heard your mom yell something about you not eating breakfast yet, but you weren't about to turn around. 'How am I supposed to get rid of this weight if I keep eating so much?'
  After making a few turns, one of your friends came into view. He was impatiently tapping his foot until he noticed you, "Where the hell have you been, ragazza?! If you don't hurry up, we're going to be late! Feliciano and the potato-bastard left already!" You picked up the pace and scurried over to him. An embarrassed blush made its way across your cheeks. 
  "Thank you for waiting for me, Lovi. I-I'm sorry, I, um, I woke up late," you lied, you didn't need him to know that you just took forever deciding on what to wear this morning. He grumbled something underneath his breath and started walking, "You were able to at least eat something, right?" You gulped, "Y-Yeah, of course I did." You felt bad lying to him again. 
  He eyed you skeptically, "What did you eat?" 
  "Cereal," you answered plainly. He didn't seem all that satisfied with your answer, but dropped it. You glanced at him from the corner of your eye, you had a slight crush on him, but you knew that he would never return the feelings. 
  Your expression saddened, it was all because of this crush that you were in this emotional mess. Some girls got jealous of your friendship with Lovi, so they started saying things like, 'Why would he like you? You're so fat and ugly!'
  "Where the hell are you going, (y/n)?! You're walking right past the school!" Lovino yelled. You blushed again and spun around to run inside. He mutter, "Idiota," underneath his breath. Most would be offended, or even hurt by his words, but you knew that it was just in his nature. You waved goodbye and ran off to your first class of the day. The class was as hectic as it always is in the morning. After navigating your way through the madness, you sat at your desk and got ready for class.
  "Hey, (y/n)~" you cringed. You looked up to see (e/n) smirking at you. "Didn't I tell you to back off from Lovi~?" You responded with a glare, which she returned. "Back. Off. (Y/N). He is mine, he will never like you. Don't you know that he just pities you because you're so ugly?" Her spiteful comment stung at your heart. Sensing her victory, she smiled cruelly and returned to her group of friends. 
  You allowed your head to drop onto your desk, causing a semi-loud thud. You groaned, that hurt more than you had anticipated. 'I wonder if there is a way that I could 'fix' myself,' you pondered while drumming your fingers on your desk. An idea popped into your head, what if you started wearing make-up?! You knew that there was a cosmetics store a little ways from your house. Making a mental note to go there after school, you checked your wallet. You weren't entirely sure how much make-up is, but you thought that this would be enough. 
  ~Time-skip to after school~ 
  Once your backpack was loaded with what you needed, you prepared to leave. You halted when you remembered that Lovino would be waiting with his brother and Ludwig to walk with you back to your home. You bit your lip and tried to figure out what to do. You didn't want him to know yet, you wanted for it to be a surprise tomorrow. 
  You pulled out your phone and sent him a text, 'Hey Lovi, I have to stay after school to redo a test, just walk home without me.' Not even a full minute later he responded with, 'What?! Don't you dare leave me with that potato-sucking bastard again!' A giggle escaped your lips, 'You'll be fine, I really need to redo this test. You don't want me to fail, do you?' 
  'No, but I don't want to be with the potato-bastard either! Whatever, but you owe me!' You rolled your eyes, 'Yeah, yeah.' You waited a few minutes to allow for them to put some distance between you before finally leaving. 
  It took you longer than you had planned to get there because you took a detour to make sure you didn't accidentally run into them. Finally you arrived at the door, 'Good, they're still going to be open for a while longer.' You pushed open the door, causing for a bell to ring. A young woman with blond hair and well-done make-up greeted you, her voice reminded you of Glinda from Wicked, "Hello, do you need assistance?"
  "U-Um, yeah. I was wanting to try wearing make-up, but I don't really know anything about it." Her face lit up and she immediately led you to a chair, "Of course I can, honey! You're going to be my newest project!" You gave her an unsure look, 'If she starts singing "Popular", this is going to be a very interesting day.'
  "Okay, first things first, what's your budget?" You took out you wallet and showed her. She gnawed at her bottom lip, "Hmm, yeah, I think we have some things in your price range." She pulled out a few things from behind the counter, "Would you mind if I tried a few of our products on you so I can figure out what your colors are?" You told her to go right ahead. 
  Time passed rather slowly, but she did eventually finish, "Okay, how does this look?" She held a mirror in front of you face. You gasped and recoiled at the image, it was like having a different person look back at you. But the thing is, you weren't sure if you liked it or not. Sure, by most people's standards, this was considered beautiful, but it didn't feel right. 
  "I-It looks great, thank you," you lied. As uncomfortable as it was, you knew that you just had to put up with it. She grinned and placed all of the products in a bag and asked if you were ready to check-out. You winced at the price, but payed for it. 'That really cleaned my wallet out,' you thought as you exited the building. 
  Your phone buzzed in your pocket. There was a text from Feliciano, 'Hey, (y/n)~ Could you tell Lovi that grandpa wants him to be home in an hour? He's not answering his phone.' Your brows furrowed, 'What? Your brother isn't with me, didn't he walk home with you and Ludwig?' 
  'No, he left saying that he was going to check on you.' You paled, you told Lovi to leave with them! Where was he now?! You squeaked when a hand roughly grabbed your shoulder, "Where the f- What the hell is on your face?!" Lovino's face was one of pure shock. The words for your explanation were jumbled and not coming out right. You sighed and mumbled, "I just wanted to look pretty..."
  Lovino froze. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again when he found no words. He sighed in irritation and rubbed his temples, grumbling miscellaneous things in Italian. Your head drooped in shame, not only did he not like the make-up, but now he seemed to be angry with you. You wanted to cry, but that girl told you not to because the make-up would run.
  "What's in that bag?" You blinked and looked back at him, "Um, n-nothing important, j-just some make-up." Lovino took the bag from you, despite your protests. He sifted through it, looking very unimpressed the whole time. He eyed the receipt and clicked his tongue at the price. "Return this stuff, it's a waste of money," he told you. You shook your head defiantly, "No, I need it!"
  He grumbled in Italian some more, "If you won't, than I will." He stomped back towards the store, only to be stopped by you clinging to him. "Stop it, Lovino!" He spun around and wrenched you off of him, "Listen to me, ragazza! I am going to return this garbage, and we are going to talk after I get done with this. And don't even think about saying that nothing's wrong, you never call me by my full name unless something is very wrong." 
  You watched him storm off into the store with a dumbfounded expression, he'd never gotten so forceful with you. He came back, still looking very grumpy. After giving you your money back, he grabbed your hand and pulled you with him out of town. Once you two had gotten far away enough, he let loose, "What the hell is going through your head, (y/n)?! What could possibly make you decide to buy make-up?! We both know that you can't stand that stuff! And why did you lie to me in that text earlier? I knew something was wrong when you sent it to me, you're too smart to be failing a test!"
  You stared at your feet, "Well, I-I wanted to be prettier, but I wanted to surprise you with it tomorrow. I-I'm sorry I lied to you." You kicked a pebble away. "Just please don't lie to me like that again, but you already told me that you 'wanted to be prettier'. What I want to know is why," he stated, clearly trying to be patient with you. 
  "'Why?'" You repeated, having mixed emotions about telling him the truth. You took a deep breath, "It's just that- well, a lot of the girls at school have been making me feel like it was necessary. Th-They are always telling me how ugly I am and that you're only being nice to me because you pity me, so I decided to try and fix myself." You fiddled with the (f/c) strings on your hoodie while you waited for his response. 
  "How long has this been going on for, and who has been telling you this?" You were honestly starting to get unnerved by how calm and serious he was being. "I-It's been going on for quite a while now," you lowered your head, "A lot of people have been saying this kind of stuff to me lately, but (e/n) has been the worst."
  His brows furrowed and he scowled, "Her? Tch, that cagna, I'll be sure to talk to her tomorrow." He rested his hand on your shoulder, a light shade of pink dusted his cheeks. "Stop being such a fottuto idiota, you are a beautiful ragazza, don't listen to them. A-And I'm not just nice to you because I 'pity' you, I care about you a lot." A small smile was making it's way across your cheeks, "Th-Thanks, that means a lot to me." You thought about his words, 'That last part almost sounded like a confession.'
  He avoided making eye-contact with you, "Hmph. Yeah, yeah, just don't tell anyone I said that." You giggled at his tsundere personality and hugged him tightly. He tried to push you off, but you just clung tighter. "Don't be getting all cuddly on me now, (y/n)! Me saying this kind of stuff to you this once doesn't give you permission!"
  Giggling again, you gave him a little squeeze and let go, mumbling about how much of a tsundere he is. He rolled his eyes, "I have to be going home now... D-Do you want to come with me? Me and my fratello are going to be making the best damn pasta you'll ever eat." His confidence shone through on that last part, despite that he was blushing at first. 
  "Sure, that sounds great!" You linked your arm with his as he started leading the way. He said something about your clingy-ness under his breath, but you didn't care, you were just happy that you got to be with him right now.
This is for :iconnatureisnatural: , I hope you like it~!
Sorry to took so long. I wanted to post it earlier this week, but school has been slamming us with homework. -.- Anyway, sorry if there are any inaccuracies for the Italian or make-up. I don't speak Italian, nor do I use make-up (I haven't even got my nails painted in four years). 
I do not own Hetalia or Wicked or any of their characters.
I do own this story.
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